A Poem by Tracy Darling


"LA River Graffiti Wall" - Photo by John Nyboer


is that when I take one step forward

two steps back, can’t help myself

the flaws run deep rooted in southern soil

pulling back strong like the wind in the hair

of my flawed self, straightening the waves and wings

heat of blow dryer and brush from roots

to ends will always fly

towards home

Tracy Darling

I am moved, migration

is that when I am stirred

with a force so strong, recognizable

blood-deep, my hand reaching out touching

cold, smooth glass welcoming

a wallow in self-pity

the alcohol wet like the ocean

a mottled mass of gray and green

less blue

tugging me home

I am moved, migration

is that what you call it when my mind pulls me

down, seeking only the darkness

blind body slumped on cold, smooth tile

in the bathroom refusing

to switch on the light and hope

until tomorrow

no doubt

I am moved


my feet traveling up stairs

hands shutting out noise

head on pillow, down of feathers

to the chin, mind wandering, seeking

another place and time and body

another me, migration

my mind no longer resides in the same

room my body occupies


I am moved


Tracy Darling hosts The Moe Green Poetry Discussion on The World Wide Radio Network.  She is a proud graduate of the University of Virginia and reads her poetry in San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles.

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