A Poem by Angela Peñaredondo


sweet thing in crescent moon
heels tappin’ like glass rain,

leopard purse in pendulum sway,
shoulder like smooth night,

I know you’re waiting for that second
look under Bushwick overpass.

You’re not waiting for the L train.
No, it don’t stop here.

Your waiting for that beige Cadillac.
You love an angel devil man

and his kiss spike your blood good.
Velvet talkin’ devil man

said you got the goods & took you
deep into the life, bait to boil.

I never did nothing like that before.

Funny, how the eyes gaze vacant
when there’s no turning back

and the track’s all there is.

I just want someone to love me,
that’s what all the girls say.

No mama or daddy gonna save me.

Against a blank wall,
a man’s shadow

opens door #26
without a knock.

Blinds drop low
onto a fuzzy backwater blue.


Angela Peñaredondo is  is a Los Angeles poet and visual artist. She was born in Iloilo City, Philippines and grew up in the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas.  She received her BFA from San Francisco State University and also studied mixed media arts in the Queensland College of Art in Brisbane, Australia.  Angela has a professional background in art management, curatorial practice and youth advocacy.  She was awarded a UCLA Community Access Scholarship for poetry and a Fishtrap Fellowship.

    • Wow! “Carolina” captures so much emotion, color & story on it’s narrow shining track. Thanks! Hilda Weiss

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