Dose DV: Straight Out of Retirement

Dose DV started vandalising walls and trains at the tender age of 14 following the explosion of the graffiti scene in the UK brought about by the cutting edge documentary Style Wars and Henry’s book Subway Art. He says, “Suddenly everything made sense. I had to paint, it was my destiny and my fate to paint and get caught.” In the 1980s, he was a Dedicated Vandal with the likes of Skore and Petro until the inevitable early knock on the door that forced him to choose between quitting or going to jail. Now middle aged, he has come out of a retirement of 23 years. An old man with a need to paint his name on walls for the sake of doing it.  Below are some of his 80’s pieces along with ones that he has created since emerging from retirement.

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You can find Dose DV‘s work at and read his full story at


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