Owen Dippie Gallery Opening Video

The following short film showcases the work that went into getting the studio and gallery space of New Zealand graffiti artist Owen Dippie ready for its opening in September 2011.

Owen Dippie is an acclaimed graffiti artist based in the sunny city of Tauranga, New Zealand. His photo-realistic style has taken the graffiti world by storm, with his famous portraits of rapper Notorious B.I.G. gracing walls from New Zealand to New York. His portrait “Two Kings of Rock & Roll,” featuring Michael Jackson and Elvis, was published in British newspaper The Telegraph, and has received critical acclaim from The Source, the most esteemed hip hop culture magazine in the world. His artwork and style continue to break down traditional perceptions of graffiti, providing a bridge between graffiti and contemporary portraiture.

Nick Stevenson is a recent entrant into the world of filmmaking, first picking up a still camera during high school and later moving onto to moving image using a basic DV camera and tripod, filming his friends skating at the skatepark making small edits. Based in Wellington New Zealand, He has refined his production and cinematic capability working with global clients, producing documentary films that capture the true essence of the characters and environment in front of the lens.

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