Haikus and Red Birds

Harold A. Bascom

Magic wand of steel

Converts green blades to asphalt

That stirs fearful pools.

Heaven blood-red burns,

Fear into the habitat:

Pray for icy winds.

Dissected nature

Screams from the order of Man

Hope, hope for freedom.

In dreams Man’s magic

Turns my laws against myself

And peril conquers.

When wings for flying

Fail to embrace the sky’s wind

Nature screams out loud.


Between 1972 and 1975, self-taught painter, Harold A. Bascom, worked with the late Caldecott-medal honoree Tom Feelings of Brooklyn, New York. He trained Bascom in the fine art of book illustration and design. Bascom went on to work as an illustrator artist and art director with a book-production unit of the Ministry of Education of the South American country, Guyana. In 2010, Harold A. Bascom, who’s also a novelist and playwright, moved to Georgia where he began setting up a studio in his bid to rekindle his artistic career. He restarted painting in earnest in January of 2011, and by the mid of that year, completed his Brownstone Series:a group of ten 36” X 48”acrylic-on-canvas paintings that projects life in the urban enclaves of North America as if onto brownstone brick walls. In October of 2011, he began formulating a new sequence of paintings that he chose to call his Petrified Birds—a series of twelve 30” X 40” acrylic-on-canvas pieces that personifies nature as a scared, red bird, in the face of man-affected changes to natural order. The Harold A. Bascom short story, “Weathercock in the Cul-de-sac,” was published by Global Graffiti Magazine back in June of 2011. The paintings of Harold A. Bascom can be accessed through his website: http://haroldbascomfineart.com

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