About Global Graffiti Magazine

Global Graffiti is a magazine that focuses on world literature, arts, and culture.  Some of our organizing ideas are:

Thinking Locally in so far as the local complicates the global;

Thinking Globally in so far as the global complicates the local.

Let’s not bemoan the fact that locality has become a fraught and fissured concept (there is no here here).  Let’s not bemoan the fact that the idea of the global has been hijacked, for the most part, by something called globalization and neoliberal cronies.  Rather, let us be optimistic.  Let us rejoice in the idea that a liminal space between both poles can be found, and that a certain degree of freedom—and terrible joy!—exists in such a place.

We are staking our claim on the virtual map, creating a space (for conversation, discussion, disagreement) rather than a fixed text.  In this sense, web space offers several advantages over print, and these are possibilities that we’re interested in exploiting.

Graffiti is…

Why Graffiti? Because it’s public, brash, offensive, suspect, state-run propaganda, boring, art, fucked, defacement, all surface, a style, compelling, loud, ubiquitous, co-opted, selling out, beautiful, illegal, annoying, etc.

About the Editors

Monica Hanna has published criticism on contemporary literature in English, Spanish, and Italian.  She holds a PhD in Comparative Literature from the CUNY Graduate Center and teaches literature in southern California.

David Sharp has worked as a professional translator since 2000, and has published translations and criticism on Spanish-language and Italian literary works. He holds a PhD in Comparative Literature from the Graduate Center of the City University of New York and currently lives in California.

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